who is dance elixir

By. Megan Curet


ELIXIR (DANCE ELIXIR) was founded in 2003 and under the vision of artist Leyya Mona Tawil supports and produces collaborative, multidisciplinary projects with local and international reach. Through such efforts ELIXIR exists to be one of the few US organizations that specifically presents experimental performance works from an Arab-American perspective.

Tawil’s work has been presented not only throughout the United States but also in 16 countries around the world.  A Syrian-Palestinian American artist with an approach to experimental performance based on conceptual scoring and location based variables. Through her work Destroy, I myself had the pleasure of experiencing such a practice in the studios of Movement Research in 2016.  Using variables in music, and movement pieced together Tawil creates a space for the mover to engage and disengage.  Pushing the body to its ultimate physical limits and rejecting the classical methods of composition.  Her practice is both rejuvenating and resistant, through process of physical practice and research and by far a top pick for exploration on artists of the Arab diaspora.