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Welcome movers to the ZE MOVES page where you will find guidance on alignment, movement, and meditation. Emma Fitzsimmons and Mariusz Kujawski lead students through sensation based movement aiming to build strength from the inside out primarily within the modality of Pilates. Anything you find useful here add it to your personal toolbox and leave the rest.

Feeling from the inside out

You might just be feeling this Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron all in retrograde in the middle of two eclipses.The planets are telling us to slow down, take it easy, and listen to the wisdom of our physical and energetic beings. The theme for the summer at ZE MOVES is feeling from the inside out. This guide is the perfect medicine for those moments when this retrograde on steroids is making you feel a little out of sorts.



Feeling From the Inside Out Meditation:

Your mind is a powerful tool for relaxation and imagination. All muscles in your body will perform best for you if they can both fully contract and fully release. Deep relaxation takes dedicated time and a present awareness.

Listen to this meditation with Emma as she leads you through a scan of your somatic being and into a rumination of cellular breathing.

This meditation is designed to quiet your nervous system in order to connect to your house of energy through a field of utter presence. We know that when we imagine ourselves succeeding at a physical activity, we will then be more successful when we perform the same activity in the material realm. This technique will be the most effective to work towards achievement in a physical goal if you imagine movements in your mind from a state where you are least likely to judge yourself and you are least likely to say I can’t. Use this meditation to take you there. Simply practicing relaxation might be enough for you today, and that's okay too.



Tune Into Your Bodily Home When You are Away From Home.

July in New York means our students are passing in and out of the city more often and schedules tend to get a little inconsistent. Many of our students are coming off of a good long run of dedicated sweat sessions for months on end and it can feel like all the hard work could slip away like sand between your fingers. Have no fear! We have created a gentle workout you can do no matter where on Earth you are sleeping tonight. Yes that’s right - it's Pilates in the comfort of your own bed. Ease into a full body awakening after you reset your nervous system. This workout recognizes the importance of maintaining a restful state while away from your usual duties.



Alignment Self Assessment

So far you have attended to the mind and invigorated your body to bring you to a true state of mind and body connection. Why not use this time to now to check in with your standing alignment? This corporeal home you live in carts you around every day and expertly deals with all the various blunders you put it through on the regular. Give your body the focused attention it needs on the foundations that you operate with. 

We get a lot of questions on how to find perfect posture, but it's important to know that there is no stagnant position or posture you should strive for. A healthy alignment is wherever you are the most resilient, where you are able to sustain the alignment energetically, and most importantly it is an alignment you can move in with ease. To achieve this we look to the feet first.

Assess figures 1, 2, & 3. Locate the alignment landmarks indicated by the small dots. 

  • Stand in front of a mirror and turn 90 degrees. From a place of non-judgement observe the stance you arrived in. Notice where your head is in relationship to your ribs is in relationship to your pelvis.


  • Now find parallel feet, look forward, and spread the soles of your feet onto the floor. Begin to shift your body weight slowly and repeatedly forward and back on your feet. Shift the weight enough until you find the full range of motion from your toes to your heels while keeping your full footprint on the ground. Then, minimize the movement until you find a balanced weight distribution between your forefoot and your rearfoot.


  • In your reflection locate the center of your lateral ankle, the center of your lateral knee, the center of your lateral hip, the center of your lateral shoulder, and the center of your ear. Look for the dots in the diagram above for reference. If your weight distribution is equal on your feet, you can use the bony knob on the outside of your ankle as a marker for your plumb line. Start to stack the alignment landmarks you located one on top of another starting from the ankle to your ear.

  • Close your eyes and observe the sensation of this new alignment. Take a couple deep breaths in stillness.

  •  When you are ready, begin to walk around. Notice how you are moving your body. Can you keep your head balanced over your shoulder girdle and centered over your ribs?

We hope you have found benefit in this guide. Remember this feeling when external happenings are playing games with you. You can’t always control what's happening around you, but you can always manage how you are feeling on the inside and the universe will be better for it.

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