What is voguing? By. Jason Rodriguez


Who is Slim Ninja?

Jason Anthony Rodriguez, native of New York City, quietly grew up within a niche of the vogue community exploring underground dance from a curious distance. Primarily, exposed to the world of dance at Brockport College which sparked the pursuit of a professional career. Furthering his training, he transferred to Purchase College to excel his technique by training with the Conservatory of Dance as an Arts Management major. Jason was invited by Dwight Rhoden to attend the Complexions Contemporary Ballet Summer Intensive.

He recently starred on the Netflix series "The Get Down" directed by Baz Luhrmann as a featured voguer. He has performed with Abraham.In.Motion, and in the pre-production progress of the Off-Broadway show Fortress of Solitude with Camille A Brown and Dancers. He has also performed with Buglisi Dance Theatre in their yearly ritual of The Table of Silence.
Now, a personal/rehearsal assistant for Kevin Wynn. He is a voguer/choreographer for the Iconic House of Ninja and has recently premiered his work "Immersion in Vogue" at Summerstage 2016. Which Gia Kourlas of The NY Times states “a vibrant performance…promising…on Immersion in Vogue.” 

Voguing is a dance form using poses as an itinerary of movement to be confident, creative and expressive. You do not go to a voguing ball to see voguing, you step into a ball hosted by the ballroom scene where voguing is within one of the categories with the event. This dance from can be traced around the 1970s when colored queer individuals came together to form  houses to find family, acceptance and expression during a time of oppression.

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I am Slim Ninja, a member of the Iconic House of Ninja formed by Willie Ninja.. As a member I teach classes in hopes to inspire individuals to be confident and expressive with what is given and what they have. To find elegance in poses within space and time. I am currently trying to create work using aesthetics from voguing and contemporary to create movement contrasting the excitement seen in vogue and the struggles that are not.

Voguing is not a form that is now being seen, it has and will forever be here to be celebrated. Balls are still being hosted by both main and kiki houses.. So go find a ball and have a ball.

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