Letter from the Editors 


TiLLT Magazine grew out of a frustration with the current scope of dance

magazines. As working artists in New York City, we were surrounded by fascinating,

innovative, provocative, and beautiful work made by remarkable artists. However,

we were discouraged by the lack of coverage such artists (and increasingly, dance in

general) receive in major publications. There was no place for us to learn about the

work created by artists rethinking what dance might be and how it might be shared

with audiences; there was no place for us to discuss dance performed outside of the

mainstream modern or ballet traditions. We knew this work was happening (we

saw it every day), but we didn’t have the resources to share it.

How could we best connect and share the diversity of dance work and experiences?

What platform would best encourage open dialogue about dance in all its forms? It

was from these questions that the idea for an online publication emerged. TiLLT

grew out of a desire to collect the vast movement experiences and practices of the

dance field in one place, to start a conversation and provoke discussion, and to bring

the various artists and practices we see and do together on a global scale.

Now more than ever our voices—the voices of artists, movers, and thinkers—are

important. Through TiLLT, we hope to bring those voices together to create a space

for open discussion, a space to learn about or see something new, and a space to

reflect on our practice and our world.

We hope you enjoy this first issue, and that you join the conversation. We look

forward to continuing to learn and grow together through this ever-evolving



Megan Curet and Nicole Zee