Nulla Dance Film

Nulla Film Still

Nulla Film Still


Previewed by Megan Curet.

The upcoming release of short dance film Nulla directed by Jean Claude Billmaier and choreographed by Loni Landon is the direct result of body meeting time in the contemporary era of work and technology induced anxiety.  With an original score by composer Toulouse the dynamic team brings us a carefully constructed study of movement, with a crescendo of tension and energy. As choreographer Landon describes, “Nulla focuses on a theme that many people can relate to. Expressing it meant showing the feeling of confinement using a small space, which made the creative process even more exciting. Finding possibility within limitation is always interesting.”

Dance on film is becoming an even more exciting field for movers and performers to experiment within but it was motion picture director Jean Claude Billmaier who formed an alliance between the body and film.  With movement choreographed without sound and sound composed to already set movement, this short film delivers rigor, intensity and electric energy from the moment dancer Evan Copeland appears on screen.


The addition of the over one hundred VFX shots amplifies the ecstatic, yet strenuous process of energy being discharged. By playing with the idea of invisible shards imprisoning us, Billmaier reflects on how our self-imposed restraints only become visible once we acknowledge them and are able to break away from them.


With an exciting background of collaborations including work with Vera Wang, Speck, MasterCard, Ricky Martin, and Jennifer Lopez. Director Jean Claude Billmaier’s German and Venezuelan roots and diverse upbringing give him a multicultural palette when crafting the worlds he works with. His style combines architectural elements, composed movement and color studies to lift the viewer into a magical realism state of surrealism. Coupled with sought after choreography Loni Landon and you have a short film that focuses not only on the classical elements of choreography but the intimate purpose of movement.


The film is set to release June 28 2018. Visit Vimeo for Nulla | Dance Film this Friday to experience the latest dance on film.