By. Megan Curet

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From the moment the words “motion” and “pictures” were first paired, dance
and film were destined for one another. Now, as mobile technology empowers a new generation of filmmakers,
92Y announces submissions are open for the 92Y Mobile Dance Film Festival, the first dance film festival
featuring works shot entirely on mobile devices.
The 92Y Mobile Dance Film Festival explores the magic that happens at the intersection of choreography,

camerawork and editing — revealing new dimensions in movement and offering intimate access and up-close
perspectives on the physical and spatial dynamics of dance. It’s dance and film as never experienced before.
Ten films, selected by an international jury of dance filmmakers, will be screened on Saturday, July 28, 2018,
at 92Y Harkness Dance Center.

With the first film festival of it's kind here in NYC there is no surprise that the esteemed dance hub of the 92nd Street Y would be home to this exciting endeavor. In the age of technology where dance is often challenged to co-exist with the new forms constantly taking shape we are witnessing a culture around movement that we have never known before.

With the availability at our fingertips and applications to support our creative developments with one touch of our fingertips, a festival to celebrate this unique sub culture of dance has arrived. Anyone making dance, anyone presenting dance, and anyone wanting to experience dance now have a platform.  The time where the division between classes, the audience and the performer have come and gone.

On June 28th you will get to experience the new world of movement for yourself. Join TiLLT and the rest of the NYC community as we welcome Mobile Dance Film Festival to NYC. We are excited to experience the capturing of dance storytelling from your mobile devices.

Mobile Dance Film Festival is here!