By. Megan Curet


After months of reconstruction, the new and improved space Play Practice continues to house challenging dance, movement research and performance.  Home to international performance and movement artists, Play Practice offers a unique haven in the heart of one of India’s largest and bustling cities; Bangalore. 


Abhilash Ningappa is bringing contemporary dance from all corners of the globe directly to India. Harboring a haven for research, investigation and movement dialogue. Play Practice is a communal residency, which allows the practitioner a place to sleep and create. Running on no official funding, Play Practice is challenging the way we source and fund dance.  By creating a space by the artists, with and for the artists Abhilash Ningappa gives us all a new reason to head to India.


Play Practice is an artist residency program, started in 2014 as a project from Bangalore Dance Collective; a non profit organization initiated by Abhilash Ningappa and various artists collaborators working together with a firm belief in Contemporary performing and Movement art projects.


Play Practice organizes an apprenticeship program every year, a residency for artists to create their own works. Organizing workshops with teachers from various movement art disciplines as well as a yoga teacher’s training program focused mainly for movement researchers. 

Our projects involves " Architect of Self Destruction", " New Trash", "Disposable heroes", as well as projects from individual artist, and provide an open platform to showcase their works. Bangalore Dance Collective started in a 100 sq. ft. living room space in 2009 with 11 collaborators working on various research and performance projects mainly focused on collaboration work with musicians and choreographers. 
- Abhilash Ningappa